27 February 2008

12:48 AM - 2 comments

Ohio Debate

It was tough tonight
I wish I could say that Hillary was the winner of the debate, but I can't
She sounded the most assured and knowledgeable but she didn't exude warmth.

I wish I could say that Barack was the winner of the debate, but I can't
He sounded the most relaxed and personable but he lacked knowledge.

Seriously, the debate last week was more jovial and fun.
I can't believe I am using the word fun, but in comparision to the tepid and strained performance of tonight. Yeah, I'll take jabs at the word change and NAFTA any day.

Did this help either of the candidates, not really. It might have done a bit of damaged to Hillary at her pointing out the obvious, she said and I paraphase "It seems to me that I am always getting asked the questions first, NOT THAT I MIND ANSWERING, but yeah like they said on Saturday Night Live "maybe we should give Obama a pillow and a blanket", of course I don't mind"

If you don't mind, why did you bring it up?
I am really getting tired of her whining on and on about Obama getting preferential treatment from the media. It is the media for crying out loud, they are fickle, one moment they are heralding Micheal Jackson, next thing they all want him strung from a tree.

Anywayz, I think I have had my feel of politics for this month.
So yeah I want to wake up on March 5th with a presidential nominee for the Democratic party, but then again, I never get what i want.


and Obama needs to stop pointing out this whole I gave a speech against the war, well SO DID I what does that have to do with the price of gas in Togo???


I cannot believe how well Obama is doing...I worry though. He lacks knowledge and what i think it take to be the ruler of the so called super power of the world...

Fascinating so far


Watching the debate, I felt that Hillary was up against a group of 3 guys attacking her. I stopped watching because I felt that Obama was getting easy questions. I just wish that he could have spun his responses to provided more depth and look more knowledgeable but oh well, he did a good job.

I just want this thing over, because the Republicans are laughing and hoping that the democrats ill tire themselves out, lose momentum and that that will make it easier for McCain to win the WH.