17 March 2009

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Republican Bastards

I'm sorry
I guess I should not call them Republican Bastards
and call them Treasury Bastards
and now Obama and Geitner are saying we will try and get the money. the moment you took office you should have investigated every dollar that Bush signed off on. not wait until reports cam out.

please can someone indict Prez. Bush and Cheney for hiring these greedy people
I'm thinking a hanging or a lynching would be sufficient for all these CEOs i mean kids get more years for smoking pot than these capitalistic sociopaths. Yes they are sociopaths i mean how else can you explain accepting a bonus in of 3 million in a recession from people who are losing their homes to keep your company afloat.

so yeah
to every republican and democrat bastard by greed and not by birth the people and not the government are going to come after u

oh can i pause at this time and give 2 thumbs up to Cuomo in New York for actually doing something and not just talking about possibly doing something

and if any republican tries to step and say this mess was Obama let's keep in mind that this video is from 2008 when our lovely God fearing alcoholic prez was in charge

okay so yeah to the rest of my party
please let us get our act together
cuz i'm too seconds away from ditching the Republicans and becoming a libertarian or something of that sort

final thought
could someone please tell Rush, Meagan McCain, and Cheney to SHUT UP just for a couple of days please

i love this other one

what do you mean you heard about it this morning
you are in charge