21 March 2009

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Dear President Obama

Wow, that the first time I have written those words. This is my first official letter to the 44th President of the United States of America.

Dear President Obama,

Those words have a nice ring to it but this post is anything but genial. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I know how you got elected, you know how you got elected, I read the book and watched the TV show all seven episodes but this is where reality and fiction have to part ways. You are NOT a celebrity, you are the PRESIDENT of a country. You are not allowed to appear of late night shows like Jay Leno's or the other guy on CBS. It is degrading the office you currently hold. Yes I know you are hip, and young and have got to keep your blackberry but let's get real and leave the dreams at the door.

There is a thing called over exposure and there is a thing called over exposure, mercy, bot types of over exposure you have surpassed. So scale THE FLIPMODE down, for real, dude, I know that our years at Harvard, writing together for the Review have cemented our relationship but I do not support your current tactics.

There is alot we need to discuss so the next time Rahm lets you off the leash, let mii know and can you please stop doing the secretary jobs for them there is a reason we have secretary of state, agriculture, commerce, finance, defense.

There is a reason.

So yeah read the constitution again to help you calm down and put your ego in check and then give mii a call so we can sort this latest mess out cuz your PR sucks right now and that's the nicest way i can put it.