21 March 2009

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Dear President Obama part 2

Okay so I decided to listen to the interview that got you in trouble about this whole Special Olympics, Shriver, Palin thing and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

I was surprised because you spoke in English and America's youth listened, now out of the whole 25 minute interview you had a 1 minute faux pas that messed things up but right now I'm listening to you give Bush a pass on his stupidity by hiring that guy that looks like an X-Men for the czar of the bailout money and you addressed them in words they could understand. So yeah i am pleasantly surprised and glad that you did that. But you have to play this game very smart because in trying to identify with the common man you run the risk of losing what makes the office so revered.

We are at minute 20 and you haven't said anything stupid yet.

Ah now i hear it around minute 21,
hmmm i c
no biggie, give an official apology and move forward.

I like the interview tho, classy but still NO MORE INTERVIEWS to Jay Leno and the rest of the Entertainment crew YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT



lol! Abeg, delete that bright comment ahead of mine....

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Dear Presy Obama say nothing stupid and do nothing stupid. BTW was that 1st comment written in Chinese?