09 March 2009

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Dear Morgan T

Dear Morgan T,

My heart goes out to you at this time. I will not claim to understand the emotional upheaval that has been caused by this car accident. The loss of your wife of over 30 years is a seperation I can not understand but I greatly empathize with you. May God continue to be with you and you forged ahead without your partner. Mercy, may God strengthen you as you try to help revive a beautiful land of promise. I know you said it was just an accident but the cynical mind who knows how politics works in Africa refuses to believe that. Let your heart heal, i know you are getting on a plane to return to Zim to go and focus on the nation but let your heart heal, Morgan, please. As you honor Susan's memory and as you and your children celebrate the life of virtue she lived remember that there are those who are continually praying for your success where others have failed. May you unite the country, torn apart by rabid bastards clothed in power.


PS. I still pray that Bob falls dead on top of a Lithuanian hooker



Another blogging hoping for the Abacha solution on Mugabe, ehn?

i have told all my Zim friends that i would work for free and i will cover all charges including the poison carrying prostitute