25 May 2009

12:59 PM - 1 comment

Dear Colin Powell

Dear Colin,

How long has it been, one could say that the last couple of years have set us on divergent paths but we still always have those first years to look back on. When Rush and Dick started mud slinging I wasn't sure how you would respond. I didn't know if you were going to ignore their jabs or if you would take their bait. I have to admit that I was hoping for the former but your recent comments of yesterday dashed my hopes.

Colin, why do you have to take bait. You do not have to defend your stance, your record serves as vindication enough. You don't need to tell us what we already know and explain the problems that we are well acquainted with.

I'm not sure if you breaking the silence helps your case or the party.
I don't know

I hope this memorial day is going well with you