29 May 2009

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Dear Republican Party

Dear Republican Party,

I was born a republican, because of scum bags like this i used to love my party but it seems that you are all full of shit. FOR REAL.

Today I turned on the TV and of course once again the party that I love decided that it would be a cool idea to hate against the Hispanics. For real people, do you really think that you will continue to be a majority party if you isolate the biggest and fastest growing minority.

We need to focus on things that matter, like this crazy dude who has 20 kids, we need to focus on small government and the national debt and fiscal responsibility. But instead we are calling civil rights groups KKK look alikes and Hispanic judges racist. I wish that it was just that nonsensical Rush but now we have Newt and Tancredo talking crap.

Okay let me try and make sense. watch the video below idiots and then sit down get a couple of cigars and strategize a way to reform and reclaim our party without calling other people names.

ticked off and trying not to scream


seriously, u r a republican? And u speak Chinese too?

seriously, u r a republican? And u speak Chinese too?