11 May 2009

7:19 PM - No comments

Dear Mike,

I use your nickname from our days at so as to appeal to your saner side. I previously sent a telegram in which I basically told you that this will be the last of our communication but your actions have one again caused me grief and so I HAVE to speak out and try and give you some advice you so desperately need.

I understand that your cousin's brother's sister's niece's baby's daddy works for the Colombian Drug Cartel but that doesn't mean that you have to smoke the junk they are selling. You seem to have forgotten what you job is so let mii remind you. Your job is to unite the party and to play party elder to the local political squabbles between it's members. It is not your job to pick fights or play favorites or to air our dirty laundry.

It is not your job to air our dirty laundry. I thought you understood this so imagine my surprise when Mitt calls me this morning to rage about your latest attack against him. I had just calmed down the Religious Right on the comments you made last month about abortion and now you are trying to cast doubt at our possible frontrunner for the 2012 presidential elections.


so please stop smoking junk and talking out the side of your mouth.
don't talk, don't say anything to anyone, even your wife, until you have gotten control of your mind.