12 November 2007

Women under fire

Newsweek or was it Times dedicated a whole issue sometime in October to women and the things we have accomplished in recent years. Yes, we have come far but one most wonder at what cost.

I was replying to solomonD comment on one of my previous post a couple of minutes ago and realized that the fairer sex is under fire.

I mean we are still trying to live down the whole fruit and Eve incident that occured 6000+ years ago but now globally it seems that even tho' we have the balls to stand up for what we believe we are being placed under house arrest.

I know you might think I am blowing this out of proportion but lets take a quick journey around the globe.
Is now being strong armed by the military government to swallow her words and I guess in a way legitimize the present civil rights violating system. They call it pre-conditions. Let us not forget that she has been under house arrest for more than a decade.
Speaking of house arrest.


Is once again under house arrest. Seriously. Last week she was placed under house arrest after being in the country for less than a week and our friend and allay in the so called war on terror General Musharraf is preventing peaceful rallies. So what trumps what democracy or terrorism?

Speaking of subverting democracy

Last year she was commended for ensuring the realize of Phillipine hostages in Iraq
Last week some of her opponents began an campaign to circumvent the democratic process a bit and have her voted out. (Her term is supposed to end in 2010)

So today, I am giving props to all the women in any capacity who are trying to fight for freedom, equality and justice. Here's a toast to y'all. If this group happens to include Hillary then yeah, I guess i'm okay with it now.


Yes oh..M with you on this one...