20 November 2007

8:57 PM - 1 comment

Novak, gossiping hmmmmm

Robert Novak writes a piece
Barack Obama responds in person
Hillary's camp trivializes Obama emotions
Barck Obama gets his panties all twisted up (don't ask how i know what he wears underneath)
Hillary's camp responds with some more references to lack of experience
CNN offers minute to minute updates on the political jabs that are being thrown.

Here is my question
What is the scandalous info about Obama, if there is any?

Maybe that should actually be my question,
Is there any scandalous info about Obama or is Hillary just mad because he is 4 points ahead in the latest Iowa polls?


I mean she must be mad. Iowa is traditionally whiter than white. This is a kick in the teeth make no mistakes about that. The campaign was hers to be lost and she is doing a pretty good job of that at the moment. I must say though that this smear campaign has been particularly distasteful.

Obama's "I lived outside of the US when I was 10 therefore I know about foreign policy" angle was poorly conceived. I still want to see a more aggressive side to him but for now he still has my vote