16 November 2007

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Joe Biden

Dear Joey,

I love you, you know that right but here is the truth. America cannot handle you, you are too smart and not a mommy like Obama or a wet dream like Hillary, you are for real. You are what a politician should really look like and act like, you tell the truth and damn the consequences.
Where should I start?

Let's start with NAFTA and our whole trade agreemene with China, when the others were just pussy footing around the issue you came out strong and said, "What are these guys talking about, we have leverage, hold the Chinese to the original agreement."

You went on to compare the Chinese products to beef in Delaware and how it was shut down because of a mad cow scare, they you told us to do the same with the Chinese.

When Kucinich threw the Patriot Act blow, you once again came out strong not spouting rhetoric but the truth. The patriot act, you said, "does not condone or give government the right to profile, that is the misuse of power."

Out of all the things you said last night, the one that resonated the most with me was the Iran Revolutionary Guard explanation. You killed it, seriously, talking about how we should not ratchet up the war but keep quiet. Explaining how the 100 dollar/barrel of oil is perpetuated by the fear and war mongering. You killed it and made a point against Hillary without even sounding antagonistic.

O and then you defended all the other senators when Kucinich was going on about who was right first. You said and I quote, "This shouldn't be about what happened in the past, it should be about what is your plan now"

I love you
I love you
I love you

on so many different levels.

I wish you could be president

This is becoming longer than a Post It so i'm just going to send it as a letter.

wistfully yours