26 November 2007

7:34 PM - 3 comments

Bush Gore

I am highly about the 40 minutes the sitting president spent with his arch rival.
What was said in this time.
Gore was invited with other Nobel laureats for the usual meet and greet and picture taking thingamigiggy. But then they spent 40 minutes behind closed doors talking.

Yes talking
About their wives and children and religion and politics.
Yes politics.
One might even venture to say that they agree about a lot of issues. It is possible that they sat and talked and laughed about how the press viewed issues.
I could go on and on.
The whole standoffish handshake might be a ploy.
How would you feel if you found out that this whole 2000 Florida recount and 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was a ruse one wanted the presidency and the other wanted the fame and prestige.

What if?


good question.

I like to think they just sat there and picked their noses...lol

That would be too ridiculous to contemplate....

i saw the picture and they looked so awkward and i could only wonder about a situation in which they were actually friends