29 November 2007

Mitt Romney

Dear Mitt,

I did not have the time to watch the whole debate but I caught a lil' snippet of you trying to sound intelligent and I regret to inform you that you failed.

If failure was a mountain you scaled it without losing breath. I retired army gen. asked you a question in relationship to the whole don't ask don't tell policy and you could not even stand with your previous declaration. You got lost INTENTIONALLY in the bush and Anderson brought you back to the topic and what did you say when he ased you if you still agreed with what you said in the past "I hope to see the day when homosexuals can serve openly in the military"

Last night you said and I paraphrase
1. This is a time of war and it is not feasible
2. At the time I made the statment it was a realistic dream
3. I will consult with the generals who will tell me if it is possible to have such an aspiration


You have to get the generals permission on what to HOPE for.
Mercy what next, do you have to ask them when you can piss.

I'm out

Laughingly waiting until your next faux pas



Hahaha, nice one. I listened to Huckabee on George Stepanopolis's show on Sunday morning. It was interesting how sane he sounded. I actually started to like him. Until I did some more research on him and realized that he might be a little off on most of his ideas. He does a good job on tv though...

Kafo why no update? There have been so many juicy titbits in the past few weeks that I am surprised you have not dug your teeth into them

You haven't abandoned this blog have you? Say it ain't so? Let me go leave you a message at your other blog...

BTW, I put up a post on Obama that could do with your thoughts, if you ever have the time. Cheers!