26 March 2007

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Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dear Hillary,

Let me use this opportunity to congratulate you on your endorsement by former Iowa Gov. Vilsack. I hope this gives you a much needed boost during the Iowa caucus next year. I am really curious to find out how you managed to pull this off. I am very sure you can't document it, so next time I speak to you in person I'll bring it up.

We need to talk. I really thought that you would rise above the common mistakes of the masses and give us a campaign worthy of mention, but you have fallen short of my expectations. Remember when Bill ran for office the first time, how he from a third tier state rose to prominence. It wasn't because of money, it wasn't because of promises. It was his personality.

You have the money which is a bonus but now you have started making promises. Promises that the voters will hold you to. Saying that you will take on the health care industry and provide universal health care is a mistake. Especially given the fact that your husband had a failing health care plan. Not only do you propel the voters to start comparing the two Clintons, you also open the door for them to ask you about the how.

How are you going to have a major overhaul in the health care industry?
How are you going to make sure that those below the poverty line and taken care of when it comes to health?
I can just see Obama using this against you when the debates start in a couple of months.

You and I both know that there is no way to do this without raising taxes. We also know that it will require us to get in bed with a couple of giant corporations that we would rather not speak to, much less scratch their back.

You can't take this back, Hilly, so I suggest you come up with a plausible plan before the debates start.

Take it easy and don't forget to drink alot of water





Okay now to my blogging comment as always your inane way of making people feel utterly foolish at being foolish is amazing!


I like the concept of your blog. I'll bet you garner a lot of interest as election day(s) draw near.



Hey, tnx for stopping by ma crib.

Your concept of political blogging is gr8.

will ba back again