11 March 2007

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My letter to the Former Speaker of the House

Dear Mr. Gingrich,

How was your weekend? I hope you are feeling fine, mercy, I hope you are feeling better than fine because you have just created a maelstrom that will continue to churn until the Dilemmation is over. Did you really think that telling the world that you were involved in an extra-marital affair the same time that Clinton was being impeached for the Monica Lewinsky would win you sympathy? You might have read my last post about revealing skeletons in your closet early on in the race but this is different.

I know, I know at this point you are trying to figure why I am changing my stance on skeletons. I am not. This is not a skeleton. A skeleton is dead, has no life and really makes no lasting impression on the audience. People might be a bit scared or angry when a skeleton first appears but what you have is a monster. I am really sorry, this beast is not dead, and will continue to follow you where ever you go. Sad. Sad, and I really really thought you were going to be the one to unite the party.

I really do applaud what you did in the '94 elections. You were the mastermind behind the revolution that swept the Republicans into the majority that they kept for 12 years. It was beautiful, you put the democrats in their place and brought integrity and values back to capitol hill. I wish that you return will be viewed in the same light but I can't really see how we can turn your debauchery and alleged ethic violations into something positive.

So James Dobson says we should forgive you and try and kill this monster. Not only will that make us liars it would also make un murderers. I REFUSE to kill a monster that I did not create. I also REFUSE to be haunted by a monster that I did not create. Instead of killing or dealing with this monster; I will banish the creator of the monster and being that monsters always follow their creators I will in turn get rid of the monster. And the beautiful thing about it is that I will not have to lift a finger to get rid of you.

Newt what exactly were you thinking when you decided to marry the object of your affection. You realize that this is your third marriage. One divorce is considered okay for a republican but two, I’m getting scared. I mean your cronies are so quick to put the finger at Guiliani but you are in a totally different league entirely. You have committed the Ted-Haggard crime. Not only are you a hypocrite but now you are caught with your pants down. I do have to give you props for getting ahead of the media and releasing the information yourself but this does not change the fact that you have been divorces twice and are now married to a congressional aide. I mean you could not even convince your wife of 19 years to forgive you and stay with you. Sad Newt, very sad.

I will like to take this opportunity to thank you making my weekend. I heard of your confession in church on Sabbath and it brightened my day. I hope you decide to run so I will see more of you on the campaign trail.

O piece of advice. If you decide to run, you need to tell us now and stop waiting for the polls. We are not dumb, gradually releasing information and then waiting to see how we react before you declare is low even for a wife-cheating, hypocritical, coward.

Have a nice week
I know I will

Yours realistically



Ouch! Talk about a bitchslap this is a classic one Kafo. Go easy on the man...lol.

PS: Look up Technorati and add it to your links. It helps surge in readers on particular topics.

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