29 March 2007

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Brownback and Social Security

Sen. Brownback,

How are you doing? How is the family? It is common knowledge that you do not like me, so I will skip all the hallow niceties and get to the heart of the matter.

You can’t win the nomination. If you were unique enough, like Hillary or Obama people might remember you. If you were charismatic enough, like Bill, your words will inspire the masses and they will champion whatever cause you present them with. If you were dumb, like …, its better I leave out the name, we could find someone to mold you into the perfect candidate. But you are none of these things, so you will NOT win the nomination.

Now it is always possible that we discover a skeleton in Romney perfect family story, or Rudy gets bit by a tsetse fly and sleeps through the primaries or McCain decides to tie his election to the cause in Iraq and loses the support of the 70% of Americans that are against the war. It is also possible that aliens invade and we become their slaves in a machinery dictatorship, anything is possible.

That being said, just because you can’t win the nomination doesn’t mean that you have to give up. Make a name for yourself, no one knew you before this, I mean a senator from Kansas, the only thing we know about Kansas is Dorothy and her magic shoes. Take on the inconsequential issues; don’t come out hard on the big issues like social security. DON’T DO THAT, because if you do it will be hard to pick you for the VP spot. I mean how will Romney or Rudy explain that they don’t want to privatize social security but you do and you are on the ticket with them. Hmmm… not good.

Look I know you aren’t going to listen to my advice, so I’ll stop now but let me tell you something, the last person to ignore my advice was Alberto Gonzales, need I say more.




LOL...welcome back. You need to hit the political blogs with this...or Jon Stewart. It's frickin' hilarious.