18 April 2007

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John Edwards Haircut

Dear John,

How are you? How is Elizabeth doing? She is constantly in my prayers; I hope that it is not too stressful for her. She is a fighter and I admire her spirit. Susan sends her greetings, she has been raising money for the Leukemia Society for the past couple of weeks, and I rarely see her myself.

When you decided to announce your candidacy in Louisiana, I thought it was a bad idea and now I am even more convinced of my opinion. First of all, you were the senator from North Carolina; you neither grew up nor went to school in New Orleans so I couldn’t understand why you started your campaign there. You told me that you thought it would highlight the flaws of the current administration and make people wonder how things might have been different if you were president. This did not work because of the incompetent staff that you have. Leaking the information of your candidacy announcement the day before stole your thunder but you preserved.

Secondly campaigning on the poverty platform can never work for a person of your standing. I told you then and I have not changed my mind. Acting as if you understood the plight of the average Katrina victim was presumptuous and ill-advised. Now we have news that you spend $225 for a hair cut. JOHN WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

We have similar tastes, you and I, during our law school days at Chapel Hill, we ate at the same burger joint, washed our clothes at Larry’s Laundry, but $225 on a hair cut is preposterous. Now you will have people thinking that you are more concerned with your looks than your message. When Clinton ran for presidency we never asked how much he spent on shoe-shining or on whitening his teeth but you allowed this to happen.

Yes you did, you opened the door for the jackals to pounce on you by trying to act like you were no different from the average American. It is one thing to pay for it from your private account but to have the campaign fund your beauty pageant is ridiculous. I am not giving you advice on how to get out of this, you dug this hole, so find a way to climb out of it yourself. I pray for Elizabeth's sake that you can do so gracefully.

We are still playing golf next Sunday, right?




Just browsing, very interesting. http://freddielsirmanssr.blogspot.com/

I wrote a long comment only for Blogger to discard it mercilessly. Hmmph!

The basic thought was this - it doesn't take much for republicans to attack Democrats. It also is ironic that democrats get attacked for their wealth and or education/intelligence - remember Kerry was attacked for speaking French (as if that is a crime) and for his ties (which were deemed too expensive).

Democrats must be aware of this tool of attack and do what is necessary to limit its use. I personally think that it is ridiculous for any man to spend more money that I do on their hair - democrat or republican. You know they all waste money ....