01 April 2007

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Tommy Thompson official entry into the Race

Tommy T,

Please tell me that this is not your idea of an April’s fool joke. How’s Sue? I hope that all is well with the kids. Is Jason finally settled?

I’m happy you decided to run. Finally someone who actually has some sort of experience, I mean all these new kids have the name recognition and the money but when it comes to service they are as fresh as tomorrow’s snow. I mean look at the last two presidents, each of them were wet behind the ears and have managed to destroy the legacy of Jefferson and Washington. Why do these idealistic types think that having a dream is all it takes? What happened to winning because of your outstanding record and service? Everyone is running after Romney, Obama and Hillary, novices.

What took you so long? Your experience in the health and human services is desperately needed. I was there when you decide to retire at the end of the first term of Junior Bush’s presidency. I was of the mindset that you were setting the ground works for a major campaign. I mean last Christmas we talked about it and I really thought you were going to start the New Year with an announcement but you waited. I hope that your cautious attitude does not cost you the nomination. What is the plan? You are currently polling in the single digits in Iowa and I am just wondering how you plan to get ahead of Guiliani, Romney and McCain.

If you need anything, I am here, we have weathered so many battles back in the day and I will always be here to lend a helping hand. I might even donate a kidney if you need one.

Susan is calling me, I have to go.

Nostalgically yours