06 April 2007

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National Rifle Association Lie

Dear Mitt

You can’t do this.
Some say that you are the hope of the republican party. To some extent, it is true that you are the one who most shares our values but I do not like you. You are our only hope, of overturning Roe v. Wade, all we need is one more judge to die and you will be able to appoint a pro-life judge who will assist John and Scalia in changing that horrendous law. It is sad because your latest blunder shows us that the best we have to offer isn’t weapons grade.

I know that the NRA is a plays an important role. I mean some stats says that 80 million American own rifles but did you really have to go out on NATIONAL TV and embellish your hunting record. You have a lot going for you right now, people look up to you because of your conservative beliefs. You raised the most money last quarter among our candidates and now you do this. How could you lie, did you really think that a small lie wouldn’t be found. I am very very disappointed in you. How can you talk about gay rights and abortion when you are also breaking one of the ten commandments.

I really don’t have time to explain to you what happens to people that embellish their record. Alberto needs me to help him prepare for his hearings on the Hill, so good luck.




the nra as an association is rife with contradictions. they are so ridiculous. the virginia tech shootings will bring about more debates about gun rights but at the end of the day nothing will be done. the Nra remains a powerful and uncessary figure head