04 April 2007

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Reaction to Dana Bash interview with Guiliani

Dear Rudy,

I need to apologize for my silence. I have been preoccupied with some personal issues that have prevented me from contacting you. You requested, a while back, that you wanted me to advise you on how to handle the conservative base especially in the south when it comes to abortion. You don’t need my help, Rudy. I just watched your interview with CNN’s Dana Bash and I couldn’t have coached you any better.

Highlighting your personal views and then immediately stating what the constitution, at this point in time, has to say about abortion was flawless. I gave John McCain similar advice four years ago and he blew it. You were able to sound sincere and convincing. It would be a mistake to have changed your stance on abortion. I know the YouTube video has been causing a lot of heat, especially with the Evangelical crowd, but you cannot begin to water down your stance.

I must ask you to proceed with caution when it comes to using words like ‘legal’ and ‘illegal.’ You said in your interview that you are concerned not with personal opinions but what is legal and illegal and that it is your job to uphold the constitution of the United States. Have you thought for one second that this could loose you the Hispanic vote that our party craves like water in a desert. If you say that you want to uphold the law as it is then you will not support the president, McCain or Kennedy with their immigration reform bill. This might lose you New York if it ends up being you versus Hillary.

Think about this.

Before I forget, the way you avoided criticizing Gen. Pace was laudable, keep this up and we WILL be win the nomination.

Yours realistically,