28 April 2007

4:27 AM - 1 comment

Obama gaining

Dear Obama I am impressed, 25 million dollars! This is almost unbelievable. If I weren’t looking at a spreadsheet of the distribution curve I wouldn’t believe what those quacks on CNN are reporting. I am writing this letter to rejoice with you, you might be becoming terrified of all the censure that is evident in my correspondence with you but I am so glad at this point that I would re-read your 2nd book again.

How are your daughters, I hope all is well with them.

Even though you are still polling behind Hillary and she raised more money in the f1st quarter you must not forget that she has remained stagnant. Her numbers have not really changed in the last couple of months. You have actually gained and stolen some of her supporters. When it comes to the financial side of things you have more donors, her donors gave more per person but you have a broader base.

I am always proud of you and look forward to your inauguration speech.