09 January 2008

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New Hampshire

Stop with all this cow dung
For real.

It wasn't a victory for Clinton.
2 percent?
I'm supposed to get my panties all in a bunch because she beat Obama by 2 or 3 percent.

By the way I'm back from my self imposed vacation.

Am I the only person that remembers 2007? For the better part of the year Hilllary owned New Hampshire and Obama did not have a prayer, she was leading by DOUBLE DIGITS.

So yeah, was she going to win New Hampshire?
Hell yeah, but this 2 or 3 percent lead is nothing.

The media and the Clinton campaign wants you to believe that they were trailing in the polls but that is more of this cow dung crap that is being porported by the news corporations.

Where should I start?
Okay let's start with the Polls. Two days before the election they had Hillary trailing Obama by 12 percent. now anyone who has a brain knows that that is an emotional response and not the true feeling of the voter in New Hampshire. You are asking people 2 days after Obama just beat Hillary by 10 points who they are going to vote for and you expect them to say Hillary.

Exit polls show that 50% of Democratic primary voters had made their decision 3 weeks prior to the vote, now if we were to take a journey back to 2007 Clinton owned New Hampshire.

So this wasn't a victory.

People are making it seem that because she cried a few tears and Bill Clinton WHO I AM SOO WRITING A LETTER TO NEXT screamed words like fairy tale and pipe cream taht they changed the tide.

Polls need to be interpreted in the context, it is just like a Statistics, people can manipulate them all they want.

So to sum up my welcome back tirade.

Hillary did not win, if Hillary was to win she would have had to take the state but at least 6 points. She did NOT do that.
Let us not forget that when it comes to the convention in the summer the votes are divided up according to percentage. So out of the delegates votes she only gets 39% and Obama gets 37% .
Now listen carefully, cuz this is what they OMIT on national TV.
She gets 9 delegates 3 state wide and 6 district
Obama gets 9 delgates 3 state wide and 6 district
and Edwards gets 4 delegates
O and I forgot to mention the 8 superdelegates of which 3 support Obama and Hillary only has 2 in her pockets.

So enough with the patting her on the back
She did not do anything
They are tied.

Now if she comes back in South Carolina with a significant win then I will give her props but tears and calling in the hubby to hurl insults do NOT win her any points in my book.

now let mii go and abuse Billy.



There has not been this much fuss made over a lousy 2% since I got 68% in my finals and ALMOST got a First. Two percent shmoo percent. It is a fools victory and Hillary even had the effontery to call this some kind of comeback. What has she comeback from? Overwhelming leads in New Hampshire barely a year ago? The longer this thing goes on, the more it looks like one big salvage operation.

2 down, 48 to go.

P.S Your handle on politics is most assured.


ah pele

but yeah it is nice to know i'm not the only one who sees this as much ado about nothing

Okay, let me get this out there, I actually like Hillary Clinton. But, that being said, Hillary had a betterorganization in New Hampshire and considering that, she should have won decisively.

Anyway, that didn't happen adnd the media chose not to focus on this story but instead focused on the failures of pollsters and Hillary as the come back kid. Oh well.

The real battle between obama and Clinton is yet to truly begin.

As for Bill Clinton. I watched that speech and when placed in context, it is not as bad as everyone makes it seem. However, Bill should have known better. That statement and a few others that have come out of the Clinton camp should have put the campaign on heightened alert to not suggest that Obama, his ideas or his followers are inferior. It's all about perception in politics.

Let us see what happens in South Carolina. The better funded and organized candidate will win!

PS: I liked seeing the softer side of Hillary. But, will encourage her not to do that again. We women do not have the luxury of appearing weak, especially if you plan on playing the old boy's game of politics.

@ solomonsydelle

hmmmm u r a fan of hillary