01 February 2008

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Could it be

No blood
There was no blood drawn.
This is wierd, we didn't have pretty boy in advance to serve as a distraction or intermediary we just had the two of you and the only thing you could disagree on was the WAR. Are you serious. I am supremely disappointed.

We are down to hours and one would think that you would each throw in a few underhanded jabs.

Could it be that you have both settled on the fact that you might be the Dream Team of 08 and decided to cut your losses.

Could it be that you are both affraid of not being on the ticket that you decided to play nice

Could it be that your main speech writers and campaign leaders are having a clandestine affair

Could it be that you both decided to take the high road because the you got tired of having to explain what you meant last week

Could it be that the thought of running against an Independent-voter suppported candidate like McCain is mind boggling.

Could it be that you, Hillary gave your husband a lashing and now decided to take the lead in your own campaign

Could it be that you, Obama, finally decided that living what you teach could actually garner you some votes.

Or could it simply be that you have run out of hurtful things to say to each other

I am wondering oooo

I am wondering


lol....maybe their campaign people are having clandestine affairs!

Maybe they just know they're the dream team (with the green ticket).

I found out some secret things abt Obama today...wasn't happy abt them, but oh well...he's human!!!! I liked his side of the debate more than I did Hilary's.

lol @ jaycee!

It was interesting watching the two of them. Unlike Jaycee, I think Hillary appeared better. I think that when she is under 'attack' during debates, it makes her appear flustered which skews perception of her and makes opponents look better. However, Obama could not risk looking like a bully as there were only the 2 of them on that stage.

It would be amazing if they were on the Democratic tix as Pres & V.P.

Off to catch up on your posts