25 February 2008

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CNN/Univision Debate

I have watched this debate three times.
Yes, it has been showing at the most strategic times of the day ever since last Thursday.
As I type it serves as my background.
I think i am going to turn off the TV.

So this is in response to Atutupoyoyo

Did you catch the Texas debate?

Of course, I am now a resident of Texas and needly badly to unwind after bombing a test earlier in the day so yeah I watched it.

I only saw snippets on the news but it looked like she spent a lot of time on the offensive and he on the defensive. Was that how it panned out as a whole?

I am kinda mad that you got the gist of the thing without having to watch the whole thing but yeah I guess that pretty much sums it up. Obama never attacked her and initially she wasn't attacking him. The first 40 minutes were pretty bland, just the same ole we agree we are united BS the only major disagreement in the first half was the whole Cube and Castro and meeting with leaders from countries we do not share diplomatic ties with before or after they meet preconditions.

So yeah, pretty well mannered and boring up until Campbell, my boy John King and the Univision guy started asking some really pointed questions.

It was like katakata bust, for real one minute they were all smiles the next Hillary had to defend her campaign team on the plagarism thing and Obama artfully deflected that blow, but Hillary would not let it go and I will never forget what she said "This isn't change we can believe in, but change we can Xerox" and honestly if Obama started crying right then and there I wouldn't have been more suprised.

After that she was just all up in his face and his business and he played the diplomatic card, even when he called her out on NAFTA and criticized her handling of the 1994 Health deal gone bad he made it seem like they were agruing about the pronounciation of potatoes and tomatoes.

O there was also the three rounds they went on healthcare. I really still don't see the difference being that when it gets to committee on Capitol Hill all the minor differences will have to be given up in order to get the 10 to 15 republican votes they will need to pass it and if they lose control of the House yeah, Universal healthcare will be just a wetdream.

So yeah the second half was bloody esp. on Hillary part the only thing that redeemed her was her ending which was poignant and sweet and it felt like there was emotion behind it. She even got a standing Ovation of some sorts, (i am still trying to figure out if they were applauding her or the troops she was lauding.)

Then on Friday we find out that her sweet speech at the end was PLAGERIZED.

and now we have the handbills and mailers crisis.

To sum it all up
The Clintons are beautiful when they are winning but when they are being attacked or down a couple of points they become nasty and start to resemble Obama's cousin Dick. I really was leaning towards Hillary during that first half but the second part left a bitter taste in my mouth.

So yeah

It is still anyone's game.



Beautifully summed up.

How ugly is the desperate soul? Her entire campaign is now starting to smack of desperation and it threatens to seriously damage the party's chances. Still a way to go but things looking up for the young senator from Illinois

Yes, desperation fills the air, but that is to be expected, no?

I want to know your thoughts on the NY Times article. Smells like a serious setup to me....


I like that question
How ugly is the desperate soul

The moment i read it i had flashbacks of the Convention Center in New Orleans after Katrina hit.

How desperate indeed.