14 February 2008

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Political Pundits

Dear Political Pundits,

I am calling you out.
Yes. I am talking to all you.

I am holding you accountable
for all the theorizing and politicking
that you engage in on a day to day basis.

One would expect you to grow tired
or at least stop talking in hypothetical terms
but nooo you choose to continue in this pursuit

I am tired of you using words as weapons
I am tired of you asking individuals to speak for a nation
I am tired of you swaying public opinion with doctored numbers

Let the process be
Let the information flow
Pure and without prejudice

Let the process be
Let the process be
Please, Let the process be.

Reaction to comments made by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Hannity, David Schuster, Lou Dobbs and company.