26 February 2008

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Mac and the NY Times

Dear John,
I can't believe the filth that is being spread about you. I am ashamed to call myself a resident of New York City, how can the editors of the Times allow such libecious comments to be printed. I am very proud of the way you handled the media, but i am not sure having Cindy give her two cents well you were standing in front of the microphone worked to your advantaged. Should she have said something yes, but not with you there, it is all the whole I will back my hubby up when he is sitting next to mii but diss him in the beauty shop approach.

Keep your head up.

I am wary of how you have been linking your campaign to the Iraq War. I don't want this to be ANOTHER election about the war and neither to do. Or do you???
Is there some inside info about the state of the war that you are privy to that allows you to directly link your campaign's success to it.


Keep your head up

and your hands clean

Please tell mii that your editor was away on vacation and that is why you published what you did. Please tell mii that. Or admit that some group is secretly funding your pet projects and that is why you choose to defame the honorable Sen. McCain. Or better yet call this some early April's Fool joke gone awry.

Honestly I don't know what this is.
Some say a conspiracy, but I am reluctant to get on that boat, primarily because the timing is wrong, if you really wanted to do damage to Sen. McCain's presidential bid you would have sat on this information until the summer or at least until the democrats gets their ducks in the row and stop hogging the spotlight. So to say that you were trying to aid the democratic cause would be ludricous cuz right now there is NO democratic CAUSE to AID.

Now that being said, if it is not a conspiracy, what is this? Your sources are sketchy and the are some many loopholes in your story I could go fishing with it. Was it a slow news week and you figure that dropping this know will generate buzz, or maybe it is your circulation that you are worried about. I honestly have NO clue what possessed you to publish a half-assed story like this and I am tired of wondering.

So please send mii a text message to let mii know your motives.
and please skip the stage when you tell mii that this is journalism and freedom of speech is gold and the people have a right to know hogwash. Please spare mii that part and get to the truth.