14 February 2008

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Dear Billary,

I have missed you. Once upon a time you were an unstoppable duo you are now seen in seperate parts of the nation fielding questions and dodging bullets. I miss the days of laughter and joy, especially the pre-scandal days of fighting the Right and winning. I miss you. I wonder about the effect this latest battle is having on you. The Potomac region was merciless, their attack brutal and swift. One would expect more love from the region in which you spent over 8 years working hand in hand with these people.

Billary, Billary. It seems that love is lost and that hope is almost gone, but I have faith. You will raise again, maybe the deals being made in the dark will propel a new phase of your dynasty. Maybe phone calls which once tied your hands and burnt your pride will elevate you to a position of greatness once again.

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe
Should this decision be made this way
The will of the people trumped by a few hands

I wonder about the process that gives power to few
I wonder and ponder the intricacies of the party
I wonder and try and learn about it's merits
I don't know a lot

But one thing I do now is the will of the people should prevail
Arrogance must give way to Humility
You have brought us so far
You have taught us much
Now let us choose
and whatever our choice we make we will always be grateful for what you have done.