20 January 2008

6:26 PM - 2 comments

MaC is BacK

McCain beat Huckabee by like 3 points
not a lot but enough to bring the donors

He won the state he lost to Bush and the Southern Republican Belt
eight years ago

I'm soo happy

would i vote for him for president

Hell no

But i just want him to make a good showing
and he is

He is scrambling the field
and especially the base that i have come to detest


this is getting more messy


Guiliani should so concede....

You are really following this arent you....

even tho' i can't fall in love with a republican candidate mainly because of where they stand on tax cuts and immigration i still love how it is going for them

it is soo much more fun than the democrats who only have 2.5 candidates still playing
o yeah i guess we can call edwards as the .5