09 January 2008

Letter to Bill Clinton

Dear Bill,

You are not a candidate and you do not hold any public office so this letter might come as a surprise to you. I wish I could start with congratulations on your spouse's recent victory in New Hampshire but your comments of late leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

As a former president, I would EXPECT you to know how the process works but it is possible that in between ALMOST-screwing interns and lying about it you have forgotten the system. So let mii take the time to refresh your memory.

Democrats have candidates who participate in the primaries and the states delegates vote during the convention based on the results. Does any of this sound familiar, let mii go on.

In the summer, the Democratic Party comes TOGETHER and chooses a NOMINEE that the party supports. Now listen carefully and stop fiddling with your dick, cuz this next part is crucial. The candidate chosen during the convention REPRESENTS the PARTY and all members of the party help CAMPAIGN for that person against the republicans.

So here is my question.
If you spend sooo much time bad mouthing and hurling incompetency ratings at Obama what happens if he becomes the nominee. How will you aid the party in getting him elected? Now I know that you don't want to consider this possibility, so let us look at the flipside. If your wife, Hillary, wins the nomination, how will alienating Obama and his supporters aid the Democratic cause?

You do realize that this doesn't end in New Hampshire,
You do realize that as an ex-president your words carry water
You do realize that talking out of your behind will be chronciled and replayed
You do realize that come the fall you will have to support and aid the candidate

I'm not a rocket scientist,
I never took a course in politics,
I've been unemployed for 3 years,
Never stepped foot on the campus of an Ivy League,
talk less about graduating from one with high honors with multiple degrees.

So yeah.

If I can figure this out
You need to reacquaint yourself with your brain cells.





I have been checking here every day to get your take on all this election wahala. As ever your finger is very much on the pulse.

Obama's ascession is showing a most unflattering side to the CLintons and I never thought I would hear myself saying that. The only disappointment is that they have discoveerd early that a mudslinging campaign is hardly to their benefit. The minute they switched focus to the real issues, they managed to start getting some votes back.

It is a long way to go yet but let's just say Hillary is unlikely to get the shout of running mate when Barack storms to the White House.

i am soo with you

i don't know if Obama can storm thru Super Tuesday and capture the nomination
i hope he does

but regardless of which one of them do they can't have the other as a VP

they need a White male to carry the ticket.

this is going to be fun