02 October 2008

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Dear John McCain

i have other stuff that I need to be doing, I am supossed to be working with George, I mean President George, in twisting a couple of arms and getting our people to vote on a bill that our president supports. We live in crazy times, I never thought that I would have to lobby to our own base but such is life.

back to the point
I don't have time to pick up the phone and call you so here it is

This is low, even for you. You are crying foul play for the debate that hasn't even happened yet. You have lowered expectations so much for Sarah, that right now all she has to is show up and not trip while shaking hands with Biden and she will be fine.

This is low, even for you. When you came to me and we were tossing names around, I told you that this wouldn't work, if the convention was in October then yeah I guess you could have limited her appearances but did you really think that the American public is that dumb to not want to here what she has to say??

This is low, even for you. A couple of days ago, I turned on the TV and you were sitting there with HER whinning about an American CITIZEN asking a question. YOU had to speak for HER and then you said I will let SARAH speak for herself

So yeah I have other things to do so i'll round up
1. Stop defending her, she can do it herself I HOPE
2. Stop sheltering her, she is going to be the first female VP, we need to know if our daughters will look up to her and if our mothers will welcome her to dinner
3. Stop playing the experience card, it makes you look dumb for putting a clueless person as your running mate, okay dumb is the wrong word it makes you look like a fool, naw that is too harsh, it makes you look like a hypocrite and a person who doesn't know how to make good decisions.
4. Start praying
because you are going to need a lot in the next 4 weeks



I expressed a similar sentiment to my group - re: lowering expectations. I personally think that was the plan what with Palin's exceptional screw ups over the last 2 weeks.

And, now, post debate, she has proven that she can "string sentences together" (as a pundit said on CNN) and relate to the "Joe Six packs" and hockey moms. I'm not sure if she has related to me yet, but then again, I don't factor into her game plan and I actually am thankful for that. Oh well.