16 October 2008

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A response to VOTE THE BIBLE

As I was saying yesterday. I got the VOTE the BIBLE forward and then sent it on to all the people that I had sent the Moveon.org ad to, in order to balance the information being sent and one of my other friends was soo livid she sent this back to mii and wanted to pass it on to my other friend. Of course I couldn't allow that so the blog gets it instead.

Your forward stops here. No one in my list will get this bull crap that you are pushing around as doctrine. No wonder people hate Christians, NO wonder so many people have left the church and don't believe. The bible says "come all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest" The bible doesn't say if you are white, not gay, and don't have a baby daddy then come. The bible doesn't discriminate against race, color, religion, or sexual orientation. The bible does say that God loves the sinner and hates the sin. But are you God? Do you get to go around and condemn people that don't agree with you. I didn't read anywhere in my bible (and I have been a xtian all my life) where the Bible says "hey you Christians it is your job to condemn anyone who doesn't look, think or act like you do" Because of this kind of belief we had all that killing in the New Testament, and all the raids and most major wars of the earliest century. Tolerance is replaced by the sense of entitlement because you feel you are enlightened therefore now you are the judge of all man kind. Most of the crap that you sent me about Obama was his philosophy on a woman's right to choose or people being gay. Can you focus on his economic policy, or his belief that we shouldn't have gone to Iraq. How about you have a debate on that. Its funny how this educated man has bested people like you to the point that you misquote scripture to support your right wing mentality...

I don't know you, nor do I know why you are forwarding me this crap! But I will emphasize, that even Christians must learn to speak the truth. Please read through the forward, there are so many fallacies that I cannot even begin to address. What I will say to you is this:

Speak to the children in inner city Baltimore that sit 50 to a classroom in black neighborhoods and 10 to a class in white neighborhoods and explain to me how the Mcain/Bush doctrine of no child left behind has aided them?

Speak to my friend who is dying of a heart defect and can't get health care to cover her cost of medical expenses and explain to her how the Bush/McCain doctrine will help her

Speak to my friend's daughter who could have been saved but she didn't have any transplant organs that matched her Donner type and now she is on a machine, struggling to live one more day, every day. Or the little girl I taught in 2005, 13 years old with ovarian cancer, that stem cell research could have helped to keep her cancer from spreading but you know she is not part of the top 5% and doesn't deserve to live? right? and now her parents marriage is faltering under the weight of medical bills. But who cares, they are muslim so they deserve to die right? Despite the fact that they were born and bread in America.

Speak to my husband's former co-workers that now line the unemployment lines because Lehman Brothers was expected to "trickle down" money to the people on main street and explain how the bush/McCain doctrine helps them. Under the weight of for-closure, divorce seems to be the only way out. Do you actually think they want to hear you say "God loves you" "God has the answer right now?" No! My dear ignoramus they want solutions!

Speak to my cousin who just got sent back to Iraq for another term and explain to him why his buddies who died last year or others on their 4th tour are still defending a war that we never should have gotten into

While you "Bible Carrying" anarchists keep touting and quoting scriptures, the abused, underprivileged average "Joe six pack" (as your intended VP would say) suffer. Misquoting the message of Christ's need to share love. One of my fave. scriptures is "But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you shut off the kingdom of heaven from people; for you do not enter in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in..." Where is love, mercy, and treating your fellow brother sister just like you want to be treated? Did Jesus judge Mary Magdalene or pater or Matthew or any of the other people that followed him? did he sit there and condemn the nation because some people didn't believe the way he believed? No he did not...but you do...Instead he went ahead and martyred himself so all that choose to believe could have redemption. Following the Bible is a choice not a mandate.

What is your business what a gay man/woman does? Are you God? Why not love those who do not believe as you? Instead of sitting in judgement of what they choose or how they choose to spend their lives. Should that not be between them and their maker? Should God not be the one to point the finger? The Bible is very clear that our mission as Christians is to love and spread the message of God's love. Not to judge others for "judge not least you also be judged" in the same vein. How about we pick your life apart and see how clean your robe would be then? Who are you to measure which sin is greater,? Believe me, it is so simple for you to take apart other people than look at your own life. How easily we forget the same ministers you defend that rape little children, or the same minister's you defend that are embezzling funds, or members of your church that sit in the pews on Sunday/Sat. and then go home and beat their wife or molest their children... Who are you to sit in judgement? Are these not all sins? But you fixate on Rev. Wright. Are you an African American? Do you know the mental slavery and corruption that this race is experiencing on a Daily basis? Of course not! Yet you judge him for speaking his mind. And by the way when Mr. Ayers was doing his "radical" stuff, Obama was in Hawaii, 8 yrs old.

How about we judge you today based on the stunts you pulled when you were young? The past is the past! If the U. S. Govt. has let the past go, who are you? Does that same Bible not say "Forgive and Forget". The U. S. Govt. did...but you are a Christian so all rules of the Bible do not apply to you...

The bible is very clear on "judge not lest you also be judged". And have you forgotten the concept of separation of church and state? Why impose your own beliefs on that of the whole nation. By trying to protect the Bible and religion you have made it a mockery and a repulsive "occult" that stems from hate, and lack of tolerance.

Get some sense! If you want 8 more years of torture, poverty, unemployment and suffering . If you want to continue to live in your blind state because you don't want to go out and minister but prefer to judge people. If you want to continue to be "ignorant" of what is happening in the real world and how America is loosing it's footing in the world economy then a Palin/McCain ticket is your call.

Vote John McCain, you radical. I wish you and the rest of the country well.

Me...If John McCain wins...I will move to China!



wooo! what a rant! I don't blame her though.