28 October 2008

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Dear Ted

Dear Ted,

I refuse to say I TOLD YOU SO!!!!.
I am not going to say that instead let us take a trip down memory lane. The last 20 years we have spent together in the Senate have been wonderful. I remember during my first year, you took mii under your wing, I have just graduated from the House of Rep. and you called me aside and gave me valuable advice that I still hold to till this day.

I remember late night meetings in your office discussing politics. I miss the good ole days of free drinks and ladies provided by any lobbyist who needed us. I remember the day we were summoned to Bush Snr. Oval Office and begged to support the Energy deal, I remember having to lie to my constituents about how the deal would bring them jobs and you couched me thru that phase.

The Gingrich revolution of the mid 90's solidified our position and having 20 plus years experience at that time we were riding high. I think the best time we had could have been rejecting everything that Clinton wanted to get down, all the times he sent his wife to the Hill to talk about Education, mercy we had a beautiful ride. I recall your words of advice on dealing with the beautiful blond lobbyist and my dumb rich wife. I remember it all.

This letter is not for nostalgic purposes, i wish it were so but it is not.
I have just one thing to tell you, after all the support that you have given mii and all the years we have spent together on the hill, i have just one thing to say to you


You are no longer of use to me in any capacity. You now represent everything that I am pretending to hate and so to continue my farce I have to disassociate myself from you. When I become president I will extend a pardon to you assuming you survive the next four years in whatever prison you end up in.

John McCain
via Kafo's imaginative mind

i had to come out of my midterm exam and term paper induced political coma for this one :)