03 October 2008

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Dear Washington and Wall street



some guy gets 19 million dollars as a severance package for 3 weeks
his predecessor at WAMU walked away with 44 million
some other bastard in 2007 walked away with a 161 million package
Fannie Mae, Bear Stearns all of the CEOs are walking away loaded yet you idiots talk recession and bailouts

so yeah
President Bush
all of you need to stop smoking pot and telling american that they need to pay for this
$10,000 per tax payer
519million dollars went to 13 or was it 14 CEO screw ups.
519 million dollars
and yet the average american holding down 2 jobs working at walmart is supposed to cough up 10,000 to bail out these bastards
why don't we take there severance packages of half a billion invest it in some cool venture let's say China or Japanese technology
see how many pensions get reinstated
see how many people who will recieve their SS check
let's see how many 1 armed soldiers coming back from the front lines will get the prosthetics they need
see how many jobs are reinstated
see how many people are able to keep their homes
see how many people won't have to choose between rice and milk
see how many people

i am livid
so yeah to all the greedy CEO bastards profiting off of the average american

yes yes yes
i said it

but then you are all loaded and not trying to pass a class taught by a sadist
so why am i wasting my time on you again

i am beginning to hate this life
i am sooo reciting psalm 73 right now
and then i will start on 39 and hopefully by then i won't have to pray 88 becuz i ended up depressed
life is so sad

so yeah to every stupid person in washington including bill clinton, bernanke, henry P, chris dodd all of you need to screw yourselves just once and then come back with a number that the american people should pay for your delinquency and other's greediness. mercy i think we need a citizens tribunal to punish ALL of you, here it what pisses mii off the most

you sit on your self righteous chairs and criticize the world about corruption but you are doing the same thing, the only difference is that you then get the american people to pay it off


i really need to go and study


Now that you have vented, I would like some clarification. Are you mad about the 700 billion or the $150 billion in earmarks?

Just checking...