05 October 2008

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Dear Karl

Dear Rove,

How long has it been since you left? It seems like yesterday we were sitting in the Rose room trying to get Trent Lott to stay in the game. I can't believe that we have both been out of the game for over a year. As I sit here I remember the easy days, getting laws passed on the Hill was such a breeze, meetings in the Oval Room with Romney in the early days, trying to convince Powell that we were right. Mercy, I miss the good 'ole days. Sometimes I wish we were in the late 1930's and FDR was our man, of course it would have been harder to mold him into what we wanted him to be but still 16 years. Think about it, 16 years to rule and change and impact our world and cleanse it.

Why am I taking you on this trip down memory lane? Why am I bringing up the past and asking you to dream with me? I am doing all of this because I do not understand what you are doing. I know that you need a reason to smile and that you need to feel alive. I know that you feel the weight of age and time on your back but becoming a hired hand to the news agency is PATHETIC. You are better than this, we all are.

I know how you feel. You feel like the world has forgotten you and that you are being replaced by the Davids, Obamas and Palins of the world. I feel the same day everytime I open up the paper and see some two bit Harvard Grad. turned campaign manager spouting electoral map jargon, i feel the same way everytime I turn on the TV and I see these yuppies. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL

But we can not betray our core, we cannot forsake that which we know to be true, we must not submit to the despair and become like a used hollywood actress. We are better than that. We create legends, start wars, define generations, shake up global perception. We do not need to be seen to work

Remember that
We do not need to be seen to do our work
So recede from the masses, stop giving your precious words to any news agency
and call me because I have found our next clay pot