10 October 2008

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Today in a flash

Life hasn't gone the way i suspected the last couple of days and so I have been preoccupied with personal issues that the Dow Jones, gas prices, presidential townhall debate haven't had time to have dinner with my braincells.

But today is friday
and so I have to say a couple of things.

1. Sarah Palin: i don't know how you began the object of so much praise and derision, but one thing I do know is that trying to identify with the American people by saying hockey mom and Joe-six-pack is insulting. So stop it.

2. Joe Biden: I applaud the way you have handled your grief and your son's departure, I also applaud your restraint.

3. Obama: I really did not want you to be at the top of the ticket Biden was my pick ever since last year but life isn't fair, I have accepted that you are the nominee that being said what is wrong with you, 30 minutes in primetime, you really think we need 30 minutes to make up our minds. Look this is going to backfire because too much of something is never good and 30 minutes which is a whole lot more than 30 second ads is dangerous.

4. McCain: I am ashamed to have voted for you eight years ago. I will say it over and over again, you are what we needed 8 years ago but now ..... Having Sarah P do your dirty work is beneath you, choosing her as your running mate was ill advised and this latest smear to portray Obama as a terrorist by Sarah sanctioned by you is beneath even you.

5. Bush: you have appro. 102 days more in office, please try not to screw this world up any more. please be a lameduck please pretty please i am begging you ohhhhhhhh, the world needs you to not screw it up.

6. Hillary: I miss you soo much

7. State election officials: getting rid of voters a month before the election is the most ill advised nonsense i have heard this week and believe mii i have heard alot. Americans are not the smartest people on the planet but a repeat of Florida would be disastrous even for you.

8. Bill Richardson: your five seconds were up months ago stop bringing up old dirt by slinging accusation at Bill Clinton.

9. AIG: it is not your fault, it is ours. It is our fault for bailing you out and letting you throw lavish parties at expensive resorts.

10. America: please tell mii that you have registered to vote. lie to mii and tell mii that you know your precinct. I really need that so that this weekend can have a happy note.


Hey pal, who is really you man? You seem pissed about everything else!
Well i understand the way you feel about Palin and AIG. But Macain and Obama?

i don't have a man
i have a huge crush on biden but then he is a politician after all

Obama is aiight
McCain was wonderful eight years ago
Sarah needs a brain transplant and i refuse to donate mine

who else
Bill's time is over
and Gore never really had it hence his disappointing finish in 1992

oh Newt Gingrinch is a hypocrite
Nancy Pelosi has some feminist issues

Karl Rove
that is my guy
there is something about being able to create a man and then leave before it gets bad that a politician has to admire. just joking