04 November 2008

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Senatorial races to watch

There is one president
There are 50 Governors
There are 100 Senators
There are 435 Congresspeople

There are more up for grabs but these are the ones that look like they are going switch or at least present a close race today

Minnesota: Al Franken (yes the radio show host) is taking on incumbent Norm Coleman (R)
New Mexico:
New Hampshire: this popular swing state has former governor J. Shaheen challenging incumbent John Sununu for his seat. If she wins she will be the 17 woman in the Senate.
North Carolina: incumbent Elizabeth Dole (R) is in a tight race with Kay Hagan. It really doesn't matter who wins we still get a lady in the room but if Dole loses her sit, Democrats will increase their narrow majority.
Oregon: Smith (R) needs to keep his narrow lead over Jeff Merkeley who defeated the Obama supported Steve Norvick in the primary.
Alaska: Ted Stevens (R) who was recently convicted of corruption charges and who will turn 85 this month has decided to stay in the race despite his recent conviction which could carry jail time (yeah right)

My predictions
Democrats take at least 4 out of the 10. The minority and first time turn out voters in some of the traditionally red states will make it hard for the Republicans to hold on to all seats. If they are lucky Alaska will kick out Teddy.

Georgia is close but I think I am more likely to put my money on Colorado and the green state of Oregon. North Carolina is a female free for all but with the religion bashing campaign ads I really don't know if the Dems. can put a dent in the Republican armor here. But then with all the hate i think the Democrats should win, i mean using a person religion, calling her a heathen.

New Mexico is another one that I will be watching closely all night, the minority vote will help the Dems. esp. the Hispanic vote on issues such as Immigration but then there is a lot of ground that still needs to be covered.

Okay i can go on and on
but final word
Oregon, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico and maybe North Carolina, Alaska and Virginia
so yeah 4 for sure and maybe 6 or a stretch to 7. that puts the Dems at a 56 set majority if the 2 independents caucus they have 58.
okay that's it