04 November 2008

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Dear John McCain


I know you have a hard time listening to instruction but this is the one time when being a maverick is counter productive.

I love you, we go all the way back to Naval Academy, so please stop this. Stop.
I will give you a piece of advice I need you to consider and hopefully follow.

Breathe in
Breathe out
now do that again

Stop campaigning
you and I both know there is no such thing as an undecided voter
we need that illusion to draw this out and capitalize on this event

Keep your crew away from your daughter
Your adopted daughter needs to be able to rejoice if you lose, she needs to be shielded from the derogatory comments your crew is going to make when black people hit the poles in record numbers. She needs to celebrate with you and quietly mourn if you should win. She needs this, because regardless of what people want to believe, this election is about race.

When you fulfill #2.
Watch When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail with your wife.
Do this for yourself and for her, she has had to deal with a lot being thrust into the public eye which is against her nature, so today do something for her with no ulterior motives.

Don't turn on the TV.
Keep the tube off until the polls close in Florida, so basically until around 6pm your time stay away from the news, believe mii your body will love you for it.

still in your corner