04 November 2008

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Remember ...

Let us not forget
I remember the brief presidential run of Tommy Thompson and Dick Something Durban
Despite my council the Mayor put all his eggs in a floridian swiftboat that never left Cuba.

Romney could not overcome the prejudice of the ignorant despite his good lucks and money
McCain had soo many combacks that I have officially dumbed him the comback kid and today he might suprise us again.
Who is Sarah Palin 4 more ago I had never heard of her now I am sick of her because she has destroyed and splintered my party. sniffle sniffle

Al Gore: followed instructions and keep his nobel prize winning gut out of the race and
Hillary made 18 million dents in the glass ceiling for my unborn grand daughter named after mii
Obama won in Iowa, I was like WHAT. Don't you remember the speech and the night

John Edwards cheated on his wife, spent money on his hair and lost again.
Dennis K is my favorite congressman from Ohio who defied expectations for a time until he had to succumb to campaign financing issues.

No no no
we cannot forget Mike Gravel ooooooooooooooo, my fave retired senator from Alaska who schooled the other Dems every time he was on the stage, of course he did have some very weird TV ads.

Biden babyyyyyyyyyyyy: it still breaks my heart that you are not at the top of the ticket but at least you have not compromised one second your integrity and virtue and for that you are a hall of famer in my book

Mick Huckabee: whew thanks for getting out when you did because if you didn't we would be lost. Of course all that was forgotten the moment she came on the stage and caused division with her lipstick.

Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, Chuck Hagel
mercy the list goes on
I miss you guys