06 November 2008

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Dear Obama

Now that you have done exactly everything that Aaron Sorkin outlined in season 6 and 7 of west wing. I have to ask you for one more favor.

Don't stop
Yes you don't have Toby, Josh, CJ or Sam or Leo to help you during this transition period but stay true to the script, just like Santos incorporated Republicans into his cabinet, you need to do the same. Do not put your children in private school but look for a public school to show the nation you believe we can improve our education system. Do not meddle, i repeat do not meddle in Capitol Hill drama, let Pelosi, Clinton, McCain and Reid handle themselves, DO NOT GET involved

one last thing
find an issue that you and mccain agree on and ask him to spearhead it, in season 7 Santos hired Arnold Vinnick as his secretary of state because on foreign policy they agreed and Vinnick was a respected global figure, i know that you can not do that because you are McCain disagree on foreign policy, so find a domestic issue like Immigration and let him know that he can count on the full backing of the white house, congressional democrats and at least 50 senate votes to pass the bill

Do that
live that
and then maybe we can talk about offering you a job in our next tv show