04 November 2008

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Dear Political Pundits

Dear PPs

I know and you know that this thing has been over for a the last 3 weeks.
The American public has this illusion that their vote counts and that the Independent Undecided Voter exists. This is a creations of ours, we have been playing this game ever since FDR died. This is what we do, this is how we get paid.

So what is my advice to you on this day that will go down in history.

Breathe in
Breathe out

This is our moment to shine.
After today we will have a mediocre audience that barely pays attention to our views, but today they will listen so don't stop talking.

Look Good.
I have always said what you have to say is more important that how you look but as we all know this is going to be replayed again and again and again so please look good.

Make assumptions and predictions.
This will keep the average voter on the edge of their seat. They will be too scared to stand up to take a bathroom break and therefore they will watch every single commercial we have to air.

Be partisan
America needs to be divided today
Let us know who you voted for and why and please make the other party look stupid, tomorrow we can fake the unity thing but let us draw blood today.

one of u forever