20 November 2008

11:13 PM - No comments

Cabinet to date

we really need republican
and no Robert Gates doesn't count
i always had a soft spot for Gates so he doesn't count

we need an entrenched politician
Hillary is Okay
Napolitano is aiight
Daschle no suprise there

i need to be suprised

you have yet to suprised mii
i know you couldn't put McCain as SoS like in West Wing Season 7 because you guyz don't agree
but give mii a republican that you agree with on something

where is Chuck Hagel in this mess
I know we still have to fill Treasury, Agriculture and a host of other positions but you are NOT allowed to put a Wall Street Bastard in Treasury
if you do i will have to call you out again and again

so yeah
i am yet to be suprised
i could have predicted the nod to Hillary, Daschle, Holder
and i know all the top three posts are gone
but Interior, Energy, Education, Commerce and UN secretary are still up for grabs so suprise mi

personally i think we should boot Gates and put Hagel but that is just mii



question do i have to call your Mr. President now???