01 September 2008

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I have to say something

this is a reply i left on a K blog in response to McCain choice

good playI don't know, i have a sibling that is a Hillary democrat and let us just say that she called mii LIVID and vented for 30 minutes about how he is insulting her intelligence and women everywhere.
let mii itemize
1. He runs the risk of alienating Hillary supporters
2. He energizes his base at the cost of gaining ground with Independents who HAVE BRAINS
3. He gives Obama a free ride in the East. Romney or Libermann would have put some New England states into play PALIN doesn't
4. He loses his expereince agrument WHICH is the ONLY ace he had in the hole over Obama
5. Does he really want us to believe that WE can trust HER with the THREE AM call
6. He pits her against Obama and sets himself up against Biden, Biden doesn't waver and have the support of Blue Collar workers, he is also respected by world leaders on his foriegn policy record, so in a fight between mcCain and Biden it ends as a draw and then it comes down to Palin vs. Obama and that doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who gets the vote.
7. Palin hasn't had to do ANYTHING on a national scale, he has 2 months and some change to sell her to America and also make sure that the media and Dems. don't come up with any damamging info that we didn't already know.
8. Obama does not have to tell ANYONE why he chose Biden he doesn't have to make a case but McCain has to, to everyone on the planet.


I disagree with your last point. McCain doesn't have to do squat! That is thing with us democrat-leaning folks, we seem to think that the Republicans are playing by the smae rule book. I assure you, they are not.

I worked in a law firm where all the partners (save one) was a republican. In fact one of those partners is a key individual in the case that went to the Supreme Court to get guns legalized in Washington, D.C., but i digress because this does not need to become a conversation about the 2nd Amendment.

Let it suffice to say, that I learned things about the way the republican mind works that will last me a lifetime. Democrats must stop underestimating the Republicans and their followers. Already McCain and co. have announced that they will "do not have to" present Pallin before Sunday news shows or other journalists for serious media grilling. And guess what? The republican base loves it! They don't care to know her stand on issues, they are republicans and do not overly analyze or question the party leaders. That is the character of the party and the elites will make the decisions and package them adequately for the soldiers. Smart, if you ask me.

Anyway, its just politics and looking at the recent history of American elections alone, we all know that it is the South and Middle Belt that will determine who gets those electoral votes. So, I encourage Obama and the Democrats to start playing politics in a way that is smarter than their opponents because if not, it shall simply be a repeat of 2000 and 2004. God bless everyone and may the Democrats win. =P