14 September 2008

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Dear Georgie

I already miss you, you are constantly being overshadowed by these new kids on the block. I miss you. I miss the cluelessnessmess that only you can create, I miss the misspoken adages, I miss the misapportioned funds and I especially miss the rhetoric on the war. I wish we could have had more time together as I spend the next 130 days I will look for images of you everywhere and try and hang on to your every world.

You are everything that we need in a leader
You are the kind of leader that dispel fear with truth
You have turned hatred into love
You have united this partisan country
You have appointed judges that will interprete the law unbaised.
You have presented to the world a nation of integrity and sound judgement
You have gotten rid of the greed, nepotism and cronyism that rules Washington
You have taken on the lobbyist and initiated welfare reform
You have provided for those who need our help most
You have help thousands move on
You have left NO child behind

Thank you so much

a patriotic citizen