14 September 2008

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Dear Matt

Dear Matt,

I like you. I am one of those people who used to be a friend but is now a fan. I hope you got the gift I sent for your daugthers. Only one, can rise above the rise of the paparazzi and have a normal family. I remember back in the day when you started working on the script for Good Will Hunting, mercy, it seems like yesterday but now over 10 years later, look at how far you have come.

Back to the present.
I would first of all like to cease this opportunity and use it to thank you for the work you and Wyclef are doing for the Haitian people. I am not for Haiti but somehow we tend to forget them and worry about the insured citizens who will recoup most if not all of their loses, so thanks. Thank you for bringing to light the struggle of citizens of the earth.

Now I am not entirely sure, i mean, you know mii and so you know how i like to leave politics to the politicians. I am skeptical about this new video that is circulating the web. I have to commend you for being very learned in the politics of our nation, you are right. There is a huge possiblity that Palin might end up being president and that is scary being that 30 days ago more than 80% of this nation had no idea who is or was or what she is capable of.

I love you, talking about actuary tables and probabilities of McCain
"It's like a really bad disney movie" that is what you said and I agree but I'm a lil' bit scared that America is not as smart as you are, i mean look at your movies more people know the intimate details of Ben's marriage and previous relationships than who your character is.

Okay i am not going to go on but I would like to say Thank You once more for your work as a citizen of this country and a human.