22 September 2008

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Dear America

I feel the need to tell you that President Bush is not solely responsible for the messed up economy. He did not single handedly create the mortgage crisis or deregulate Wall Street. No. Actually, the truth is that President Clinton signed that law into effect in 1999 when the nation had a record surplus.

Sad, sad, sad. I could tell you about Enron and white collar crime which has sky rocketed in the last couple of years. I could find a way to say that it was a Republic House and Senate that passed the bill into law but I don't want to do that.

America, the fault rests not in the hands of Washington but in your hands and mine. We are the chief criminals in this case. We feed off of what we did not plant, we have a mentality of a two year old.

Now Now Now
We want it now
The house we cannot afford
We want it now
The car we don't really need
We want it now
The vacation to Mexico
We want it now
The XBOX 360,
Playstation Three and HDTV

This is our mess.


it was greed all around and we all benefited in one way or the other. I benefited from the fact that my home was valued high. You know? Everyone ins complicit.

The system encourages and rewards greed. We cannot be surprised that greed, left unchecked, led us down the well.

As for Clinton's role in the current mess, I am not sure. I have heard some talk about that but I believe a more direct cause of this problem is the fact that a now-McCain adviser was the key proponent of deregulating Wall Street.

But, regardless, I am listening to the powers that be give long silly speeches at the Hearing. I want to know where the ground is? Are my kids 529s in jeopardy? All this their yarns na pure rubbish....