09 September 2008

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Dear Jack

Dear Jack Abramhoff,

Hey so the word on the street, or should i just say that anyone who wants to know and has access to the internet will hear what just happened to you.
Can i express my regret?
Can i launch into a list of platitudes about how much you will be missed?
Can i give you advice that is years to late in the making?
Can i sit down here and help you blame McCain and Bush for making you the fall guy?

can i
can i

I want to tell you to hang in there because in like a couple of days about (90) will you get an official pardon but i really don't think it is going to happen
I want to tell you to appeal and maybe the higher level of justice will have pardon and reduce yout sentence but that might bring more grief to the party I LOVE so i can't suggest that
I want to tell you that the book you are helping write which is coming out next month will bring alot of extra revenue to your family but we love McCain so i don't think the book will be Number One on anyone's reading list

I want to tell you alot of things
but you are locked up and can only recieve a page a day

so later