13 September 2008

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Dear Barack,

We need to talk, I am worried that this new strategy is not going to work. I am a little bit apprehensive on some of the advice that you are getting. I feel that it is my place to set the record straight and correct any misconceptions you might have about the way this process works.

The world does not vote for the president of the United States, americans do.
I know someone might have told you errorneously, of course, that popularity on the world stage is essential to becoming president of the United States. I know you went to Harvard Law but the years of smoking pot might have affected your memory, so let me reeducate you on the process.

1. The American People vote for you on the first Tuesday of November
2. Based on the majority vote of each state, the candidates divy up the states but on the pre-determined electoral college votes.
3. Each state has a SET number of electoral college votes and some states have more weight than others, so winning states like Iowa, South Dakota and Wiscosin do not sway the result.

Now there are other steps that are involved but I don't want to overwhelm you with the information. What I need you to focus on is winning the Swing States. Places like Michgan, Indiana, Colorado, Penny and Ohio.

I still have to talk to you about that lil' thing you did with your wife on the stage
but that will come in a later note