22 September 2008

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Dear Al Gore

Dear Al,

Yes you, i am not talking about the other Al I am writing to you. I am taking time out of my very busy schedule to ask you a question. It isn't a big one, it isn't a philosophical one or a mathematical one that requires a proof. I think it is very easy to answer.

Word on the street, and by the street I mean the Washington Post, is that you are going to campaign for the other Al. Now Al Franken is running for Senate. Let me say that again Al Franken, a comedian, who sometimes is featured on the Daily Show is running for senator of Minnesota.

Let me say that one more time
Al Franken is running for the United State Senate seat for the state of Minnesota.

So here is the question are you helping him campaign because his name is also Al or because he has done a movie like you have?