19 September 2008

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Dear Joey
Equating rich people paying more taxes with patriotism. I do not know if that is a good time

Dear Toad,
I don't know the ramifications for ignoring a supoena but what I do know is that you are a drag on the ticket.

Dear Jonny,
Okay saying that you would not allow any bailouts two seconds before your boy, Georgie, authorizes a 86 BILLION DOLLAR BAIL OUT is ridiculous and the fact that you think we can't put two and two together is insulting

Dear Obama,
You are starting to piss mii off, seriously you have NOT done anything this week to boast the ticket, you are just reacting to the actions of McCain.

Dear Billy,
Billy, Billy, Billy, I called your name three times. Hmmmm you better watch what you say.